— Let my son come home —

At the time of writing this story is still alive and running.

A quick resume is that Eugene Soifertis, a Russian concert pianist living in London, has had his 13 year old son taken into foster care for the second time. At the heart of the case are two psychological reports by expert witnesses used against him that have been severely criticized by independent observers. An attempt by the BBC to screen a documentary showing him being advised by telephone by Brian Rothery in Ireland was suppressed by injunction. In March 2015 Russia Today screened a near hour long documentary worldwide in which he and his son appeared. After its initial global screening, the RT documentary was taken down because of an injunction from Medway Council in London, which also had a court order threatening to seize the assets of the RT bureau in London. A supporter has since re-uploaded the RT documentary below.

A new video which tries to tell the suppressed facts was seen by the Romanian supporters of the now famous Bodnariu family in Norway, who after a massive world-wide campaign got their children back. When the video below came to the attention of the international Romanian community it received 500 new viewings in one night in June 2016.

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