— Psychobabble or fairytale? —

Kerry from Fife in Scotland, who has mild learning difficulties, fell in love with Mark McDougall and wanted to marry him, but her social workers found an ancient Scottish law that said you could not get married unless you were of a certain level of intelligence.

When the planned wedding was axed, the couple fled to Ireland where they not only became one but produced two boys. Kerry had no fear of the risk of stigmatization and was happy to let the media run with a 'Too Stupid to Marry' headline. The story began its ascent towards the stratosphere.

They became homesick and foolishly asked for, and received, assurances from their Scottish social workers that they could safely return. The day they arrived back the social workers pounced.

Later, pregnant again, they returned to Ireland to protect the new baby, but continued to fight for the return of their two boys.

In 2015, from their refuge in Ireland, they featured with Brian Rothery, coordinator of the Ectopia help network, in a near hour long Russia Today documentary. Their story had already gone global from the UK to Japan but the RT documentary ensured further global exposure.

Brian Rothery also deals with the significant media attention received by Ectopia and the families fleeing from the UK. During the filming of the RT documentary he watched with great interest the interaction between the couple. Kerry did not cry but Mark cried while retelling the story of the removal of their sons. Kerry's only sign of vulnerability was to lean into Mark who would respond by cuddling her. Social workers had described Mark as 'controlling'.

The psychological description of the couple, used by the social workers, was that of a controlling man and a vulnerable woman.

Brian also noticed that as Mark wept the camera stayed focused on him. It was obvious that upon screening the world also would focus on and share in his tears. The subsequent airing of the RT documentary caused another global media response to this story.

Later, seeing them also on the front pages of tabloids, Brian wondered at the widespread attraction of the Kerry and Mark story.

Why did a global audience react thus to 'a controlling man and a vulnerable woman'?

Because they had not reacted to this. That description was psychobabble. They had responded to a deeper archetype that the social workers had been trained not to see.

She was Cinderella and he was her prince.


After its initial global screening, the RT documentary was taken down because of an injunction from Medway Council in London, which also had a court order threatening to seize the assets of the RT bureau in London. The injunction related to another story on this web site. A supporter has since re-uploaded the RT documentary below.

See the couple in the suppressed RT documentary.

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