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Image above of a safe house.

Media coverage of the help network

Channel 4 documentary about the network which helps parents flee with their children from UK Social Services.
BBC Panorama. Please don't take our child.
RTE Prime Time features parents fleeing from the UK.
BBC Radio 4 Face the facts. Forced Adoption and the Mums on the Run.
Ian Josephs on why parents should flee and the reader poll agreeing with him.
BBC - Families flee UK to avoid forced adoption.
BBC - Full version of Families flee UK.
ITV News parents flee to Ireland over forced adoption.
RTE Radio. Forced adoptions.
Christopher Booker in The Telegraph with a success story as parents recover their daughter.
ITV documentary. Don't Take My Child.
Christopher Booker responds to the ITV documentary.
BBC Inside Out Forced Adoptions Feb 2015. Short version.
BBC Inside Out Forced Adoptions Feb 2015. Full version.
The full shocking Taking Baby Jack video shot secretly.
Refugees from the UK with Ian Josephs and Brian Rothery.
The highly controversial feature length documentary 'Traffic' which was temporarily suppressed by injunction.
Russia Today Forced Adoption documentary.
The Sharon Grace project video.
Mums on the run to France with John Hemming.
Czech National Radio.
Latvian family flees through Ireland. See this website on Latvian TV.
Read English language account of Latvian family here.
Mother on the run.
Let my son come home.
BBC. Norway- parents against the state.

The help network was also featured on Danish TV, the BBC Breakfast Show and Today and on BBC 5. Since the above also on French media and in a number of British and Irish newspapers.

Several programmes and documentaries, including some by foreign media, are planned or underway.

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